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Would you like to add value to your products and cut down on waste?



Our intended market

Companies of the industry sector, ranging from textile, to cosmetics, to food and pharmaceuticals.


Business consulting to qualitative standards

O&SI has launched a quality business consulting service to support SMEs in a number of areas:

  • Detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses to prompt the most fitting, corrective actions;
  • Manage problem solving and adopt the right method according to the size of your company, deal with non-compliance and internal or external problems;
  • Manage internal and external audits, with tailored check-lists for projects, products and business systems;
  • Adopt value analysis techniques to establish where, in the business process, value is added to the product and where waste and unnecessary actions can be cut down;
  • Evaluate quality costs and company qualitative losses. Should they cover 20% of the revenue, there is scope for cost-saving and investment;
  • Follow capability techniques, both in short- and long-term: if on a certain variable you have good qualitative capability, we can zero the costly controls;
  • Help SMEs to adopt simple Lean techniques to all processes, from office to planning, from production to after-sales;
  • Adopt SPC statistical control techniques, which allow predictive analysis and prevent faults from occurring;
  • Introduce MBTF techniques, for a calibrated and efficient maintenance on the basis of faults diagnosis;
  • Encourage TPM, a full maintenance aimed at guaranteeing maximum efficiency of machineries and processes;
  • Use Six-sigma statistical analysis, for full control on critical variables in processes;
  • Suggest SMED techniques for effective changes and increase flexibility in production;
  • QFD analysis during the development of new products and optimization through the Japanese Taguchi technique, to minimise unnecessary tests in the development’s phase;
  • FMEA analysis to allow control and elimination of defects in all business processes, from planning to after-sales;
  • Implementation of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), both in SW development and business processes.



“We couldn’t figure out how to cut down on waste in our business process, but thanks to O&SI’s consulting we got it: we can finally optimise our production.”



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