WOW Trade

It’s an IT system that optimises the process of buying and selling



What WOW Trade does​

WOW Trade optimises the process of buying and selling for retail companies. It allows the management of centralised and decentralised warehouses and the import of data from cash and Excel, print data in PDF format.


Who needs it​?

This solution is especially suitable for companies, small- and medium-sized, that run their sales through chain stores. It will help them in warehouse logistics and procurement from third parties, and management of purchases. WOW Trade can also sort out products tagged by colour, size and material.


What are WOW Trade’s main features​?

  • Installation both in house or in cloud;

  • “Pay only by use” formula for in cloud;

  • The system expands dynamically if necessary, adapting to your needs;

  • It’s multi-company and different companies can be set up in the same installation, as well as multiple divisions of the same company;

  • You can use it simply through your browser (for instance, IE 8 and later versions, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome);

  • It integrates easily with other apps dealing with both internal and external data.

Why choose WOW Trade

Sales management can be very stressful for a company and orders can be placed from a variety of sources: e-commerce, agents and clients, stores or electronic data exchange… WOW Trade is a tool that will simplify the management of your orders.

Account payable includes different steps for completion of the sales flow: from the acquisition of the order to its fulfilment, including warehouse retrieval.



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