WOW e-commerce

A quick and effective solution to create your online shop



What WOW e-commerce does

Wow e-commerce is a quick and effective solution to manage your e-commerce, a tool that adapts easily to different businesses. WOW e-commerce allows you to sell goods or services with different features (for instance sorting out size and colour, or different categories for food).


Who needs it​

This solution is suitable for companies, small- and medium-sized, who wish to set up their online shop, guaranteeing a wide range of product choice and maximum security for payment transactions.


What are WOW e-commerce main features

  • Different features according to users’ role: Admin, Editor or shop user, anyone can manage different tools;
  • Installation both in house or in cloud, in perfect safety;
  • Simple to use, graphics can be easily implemented;
  • Integration with different OS;
  • You can run it in two different ways: either closely connected to your company’s IT system, or entirely independent.

Why choose WOW e-commerce

Running e-commerce can be hard for companies, you need to provide your customers with flexibility during the order and a safe purchasing experience on your website… That’s why WOW e-commerce is the right tool for you to simplify your online shop.

The system will help you establish returns & refunds policies and will allow payments through different banking networks, guaranteeing safe transactions.





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