The best solution to manage regular submission of excise duties to customs



What WOW Ax does

WOW Ax excise duty management is the best solution to quickly and easily submit regular duties to customs. You can receive DAA effortlessly and avoid hours of paperwork, you just need to check and submit.


Who needs it

This solution is addressed to all companies dealing with goods subjected to excise duty (alcohol, mineral oil, fuel) in their production cycle.


What are WOW Ax’s main features

  • Web-based software, you will just need your browser;
  • Easy to integrate with your company’s operations system;
  • Available under licence or as Saas service;
  • Multi-company and multi-divisional: every user is authorised for more than one company or division;
  • Automatic reporting to users of any error flagged by customs;
  • Massive reduction of paperwork and preparation of data.

Why choose WOW Ax

Excise duties’ submission can be hard to handle, it often creates a lot a paperwork with a high risk of error… WOW Ax is a tool that can do the trick for you and simplify the data transmission to customs.

The system allows fast submission of regular excise duty payment to customs and the automatic reception of DAAs.






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